Welcome to Hickory Hills Smoked Products

We are proud to offer meats fresh from our smokehouse and vacuum packed to lock in our unique blend of flavors. We use only the highest quality ingredients and cuts of meat to make our products. Nothing says quality like biting into a fresh piece of jerky or a lean hickory smoked snack stick.

Hickory Hills Smoked Products and Big Game Processing originally opened in the fall of 1995 in the small town of Van Wyck, South Carolina. We were founded to meet the needs of local hunters. Our services include smoking meats and cheeses, deer processing and sausage making. Our product lines include such specialties as Pepper Bologna, Kielbasa with Jalapeno and along with our snack sticks and jerky. Every year we have new satisfied customers who try our smoked products including beef jerky, snack sticks, smoked hams, bacon and cheeses.

Our products have been widely accepted since 1995

Because we use the leanest possible meat to produce these products and not a lot of chemicals, our products have the best taste of any out on the market. Our seasonings are blended in-house to give the distinct taste that sets us apart.

We offer a money back guarantee if the taste and quality is not what we claim. Place an order with us today so we can prove it to you!

Our products have been widely accepted for over 13 years